Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deer Hunt...

Sweet vintage brass deer from

Fabulously designed card by

Unique Art Deco clock from

Every Fall season, when I was growing up, my family would drive up the mountain
to my Aunt and Uncle's forest to cut our winter supply of firewood. 
I had a lot of fun running around those woods - 
picking wild blackberries, gathering pine cones and generally being mischievous. 
... and every time my mother would make me wear a bright yellow coat 
so hunters would not "mistake" me for a deer.
I remember that I wasn't so keen about having to wear that bright yellow coat, 
but I am pretty keen about these wonderful  "deer inspired"  Etsy finds.
Check them out!

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continues through Monday, Nov 28th!
Everything in the shop has been marked down 20%!!
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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for featuring my brass deer on your lovely blog! I love your other deer finds from Etsy as well!

Vivienne said...

These deer are soooo sweet!!

Meeling said...

Loving that bookend!!